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Refurbished Servers

Pinnacle Data is a leading global stockholder of high-end server equipment and components. We have a proven track record for delivering sustainable IT solutions to clients in almost every sector of the technical industry.  We have an extensive on hand inventory of new and refurbished servers and components from Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM and other major manufacturers that are ready to go.

Pinnacle Data has over 10 years’ experience in refurbishing and configuring servers.  Our refurbished servers can provide you with a cost effective way to keep your IT upgrade cycle in place at a lower cost than buying new servers. 

Having our inventory on hand is what sets us apart from our competitors, we have the stock right here ready to ship, meaning we can provide our customers with a quotation or stock information in minutes rather than hours. This along with our same day and next day shipping options and competitive service contracts is what helps to make Pinnacle Data one of the leading refurbished server specialists worldwide.

What are ‘Refurbished Servers’?

A ‘refurbished server’ is one which has been used before in a datacentre environment, but then returned to us for rigorous component checking and performance testing before being made available for other customers to buy. This means you can get top of the range hardware such as HP Proliant and Dell PowerEdge servers for much lower costs.


The Benefits of buying of our Refurbished Servers


The main advantage to choosing a refurbished server is the great savings you can make. You can often find big brands like HP and Dell with anything from 20-80% off the RRP.


We offer a 12 month warranty as standard on all products on our website but this can be extended to suit your specific requirements. Just let us know the service level and the term required and we will do the rest!


Refurbished servers from Pinnacle Data can often be available more quickly than new servers since they do not need to be manufactured to order.  Even our custom to order (CTO) reconfigured servers have fast turn-around times. With over 20,000 items in stock we are confident we can provide you with the server and components you require within unparalleled delivery times.


One of the main benefits of buying a refurbished server is that you can have it configured to meet your specific requirements with additional CPUs, hard drives, memory, power supplies, raid controllers and network cards.

The number of options for each configured order is endless. We can provide any supported combination of processor, memory and hard drives as well as additional components such as network and host bus adapters.


We can also continue to support you after your purchase with extended warranties and troubleshooting advice and guidance.


To maintain the highest quality of performance all products we receive are rigorously tested when they are received inbound, then when an order has been fully configured the server is tested again on the outbound side to see that every aspect of the server is functioning correctly.

All of our server technicians are highly trained and prior to each of our orders being shipped they make sure the server has been fully tested using the latest diagnostic tools, ensuring that all our customers receive their orders on time, with no tolerance for compromise.


The reliability rate of our servers is second to none. As a company that has provided thousands of refurbished servers worldwide we are fully aware that reliability is a major concern. However reliability doesn’t just come from new products, with our high quality testing and refurbishment process you can be reassured your refurbished server can be just as reliable as its newer counterparts.


We sell sustainable products. When we receive products that are not suitable for resale, we can use them for spare parts, meaning we do not send scrap items to landfill or to other countries. Any parts that cannot be reused are all recycled. In using refurbished equipment you are contributing to a more sustainable environment, extending the life of perfectly capable hardware.

Customer Service

When you call Pinnacle Data your call will be answered by a knowledgeable specialist not a sales person. We will be there to answer all questions whether it is market information, advice on how to configure your server or if you want to make a purchase.

Being able to talk to a specialist with a high level of knowledge will help you come to a decision quickly saving your business time and money.

So if you’re looking for a server for business or home use, please get in touch to speak with our team of specialists who can recommend the appropriate configuration for your requirements. Finding solutions is what we do, all day every day.