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Product Code: 71P8642

  • Product Description
This controller option is a full-function RAID solution for IBM eServer xSeries 236 and 346 systems. It provides a battery-backed memory DIMM to the system-based RAID components. It is a ROMB Key for specific xSeries servers, offering superior ServeRAID performance, optimized for ROMB-based xSeries servers. This controller delivers unmatched, industry-proven IBM reliability and quality. Features and Benefits: - 256MB DDR1 333MHz memory - Supports Intel IOP332 - Supports system's SCSI controllers - Provides 36 hours of battery life (worst case) - Offers choice of full RAID levels for maximum availability and performance - RAID Levels 0, 00, 1, 1E, 10, 5, 5EE, 10E, 50 - Supports x236 and x346 servers - Provides ServeRAID Manager, RAID configuration and monitoring software, a powerful, easy-to-use common RAID management tool to use across all your ServeRAID controllers, helping reduce total cost of ownership

Technical Specifications

Slot type PCI
Other features
Platform PC