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Product Code: 438092-B21

  • Product Description

The Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 7000 series is designed for high-performance multi-processor server applications for mid-tier enterprise serving and server consolidation. Based on the Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture and the new Hyper-Threading Technology, it is binary compatible with pervious Intel Architecture (IA-32) processors. The addition of Intel® 64 architecture provides 64-bit computing and 40-bit addressing provides up to 1 Terabyte of direct memory addressability. The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7000 series is scalable to four processors and beyond in a multiprocessor system providing exceptional performance for applications running on advanced operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 2003 server, and Linux operating systems. The Intel Xeon processor 7000 series delivers compute power at unparalleled value and flexibility for internet infrastructure and departmental server applications, including application servers, databases, and business intelligence. The Inter NetBurst microarchitecture with Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel 64 architecture delivers outstanding performance and headroom from peak internet server workloads, resulting in faster response times, support for more users, and improved scalability. Enhanced thermal and power management capabilities are implemented including Thermal Monitor and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology. Thermal Monitor provides efficient and effective cooling in high temperature situations. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology allows trade-offs to be made between performance and power consumption. This may lower average power consumption (in conjunction with OS support). The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7000 series supports Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology). This feature allows a single, physical processor to function as two logical processors. While some execution resources such as caches, execution units, and buses are shared, each logical processor has its own architectural state with its own set of general-purpose registers, control registers to provide increased system responsiveness in multitasking environments, and headroom for next generation multi-threaded applications.

Technical Specifications

Energy management
VID Voltage Range (V) 1 - 1.5
Thermal power (W) 80
Environmental conditions
Tcase (°C) 66
Processor family Intel Xeon
Processor socket Socket 604(mPGA604)
Processor process (nm) 65
Processor front side bus (MHz) 1066
Processor model E7320
L2 cache (MB) 4
Processor number of cores 4
Processor clock speed (GHz) 2.13
Processor operating modes 64-bit
Special features
Intel Virtualization Technology VT-x
Technical details
Number of Processing Die Transistors (M) 582
Processing die size 286
Package size (mm) 53.3 x 53.3