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Product Code: 404713-001

  • Product Description
72.8GB universal hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI hard drive HP Compaq Hard Drives undergo an intense qualification process that eliminates data integrity problems, firmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of data corruption or premature failure. HP Compaq Hard Drives are specifically designed and tested for flawless operation in your equipment. Supply your Proliant server a Genuine HP Compaq Hard Drive and you will prevent incompatibilities that can rob your system of performance or cause you to lose valuable data. This Hard Drive is designed for any Ultra320, Ultra3 or Ultra2 capable ProLiant Server, ProLiant Storage System, AlphaServer or StorageWorks Hot-Plug enclosure.

Technical Specifications

Disk drive
Hard drive size (") 1
Hard drive rotational speed (RPM) 15000
SCSI interface type Wide Ultra SCSI
Hard disk average seek time (ms) 4.9
Hard drive interface SCSI
Hard drive capacity (GB) 72.8
Full stroke seek (ms) 10
Technical details
Internal Y
Interface type Wide Ultra320 SCSI-LVD
Hard disk transfer rate (Mbit/s) 320
Weight & dimensions
Height (mm) 25.4
Weight (g) 800
Width (mm) 101.6