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Product Code: CISCO837-K9

  • Product Description
Advanced security for data, voice, and video access ideal for small offices and teleworkers. The Cisco 830 Series of secure broadband routers is ideal for providing secure Internet and corporate network connectivity to small remote offices and teleworkers. Cisco 830 Series routers provide a wide range of integrated security services, as well as advanced quality of service (QoS) features for high-quality data, voice, and video applications, and offer easy deployment and remote management features with Cisco IOS Software. The Cisco 837 router has an integrated ADSL WAN port. This model offers a four-port 10/100 Ethernet LAN switch for connecting multiple PCs or network devices in a small-office network. The Cisco 830 Series delivers integrated enterprise-class security services, including hardware-accelerated IP security (IPSec), Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) encryption for virtual private networks (VPNs), and stateful inwhitetion firewall for secure Internet connectivity. Optional advanced features - such as Cisco Easy VPN Remote (a software feature that allows simple deployment and management of VPNs), public key infrastructure (PKI) security requiring digital certificates; IPSec Network Address Translation transparency (NAT-T); the Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDS); and URL filtering - help ensure that the small office receives the highest level of security, which in turn ensures the corporate network's security. The advanced QoS features of the Cisco 830 Series routers, combined with high-performance encryption, provide high-quality voice and video services to remote users. When IP phones are connected at a remote site, a Cisco 830 Series router can queue and prioritize the voice traffic over data traffic to ensure a high-quality, secure voice over IP (VoIP) connection from the remote or home-office back to the corporate network. The Cisco 830 Series utilizes valuable management and deployment tools to deliver the industry's lowest total cost of ownership for connecting small remote offices and teleworkers to the corporate network. As a remotely manageable platform, the Cisco 830 Series supports advanced remote troubleshooting commands available in Cisco IOS Software; a virtual auxiliary (AUX) port for out-of-band management with an external modem; and Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) for secure in-band management via telnet. For scalability in deployment and management, the Cisco Router Web Set Up tool (CRWS) allows nontechnical users to quickly set up the router and turn on key features such as the stateful firewall. Cisco also provides a suite of solutions - such as Cisco Easy VPN, Cisco IE2100 management appliance, Cisco VPN Solution Center (VPN SC), Cisco Router Management Center (Router MC), and Cisco Configuration Express - that allow for scalable network deployment and management, including automated security policy push, and configuration updates. For reliable access, the virtual AUX port can be used for dial backup with an external modem, should the primary WAN connection fail. Additionally, the Cisco 830 Series runs Cisco IOS Software, the industry proven software that has become the standard for reliable business access.

Technical Specifications

Environmental conditions
Operating relative humidity range (%) 10 - 85
Operating temperature range (T-T) (°C) 0 - 40
Internal memory (MB) 32
Other features
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 246 x 216 x 51
Maximum data transfer rate (Gbit/s) 0.1
Routing protocols IGRP, RIP-1, RIP-2
Security algorithms supported DES