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World Kettlebell Champions Gather in Harrogate for British Championship


Kettlebell athletes from across the UK are set to gather at Harrogate High School on Saturday 12th November to compete in the GSU (Girevoy Sports Union) British Kettlebell Championships, hosted by BigKat Fitness and Martial Arts Centre and sponsored by Pinnacle Data.

In the final championships of the year, approximately 100 of the UK’s best kettlebell lifters will put their muscles to the test in a series of gruelling physical challenges, with women taking on up to 24kg weights and men up to 32kg.  

But to be a successful kettlebell athlete takes more than just muscle. Kettlebell World Champion and member of the England Team, Del Wilson said, “It takes physical and mental fortitude to lift 10 minutes straight at a competitive event. You are under ever increasing levels of discomfort and constantly fighting the demons in your head telling you to put the bells down.”

Del was 43 when he bought his first kettlebell. “It was 20kg and too heavy”, he said. But Del stuck with it, and seven years later was setting the British record for Male 24kg Long cycle at under 85kg at 85 reps. Del intends to push his strength even further, he said, “Despite being 50, I have still not reached my peak in this sport and expect to have many more PB's.”

As well as physical strength and mental stamina, another driving force that seems to push kettlebell athletes to achieve incredible things is the comradery and, as Del put it, the “very supportive and nurturing” community surrounding the sport.

This is something that Abigail Johnston, UK and World Record holder, member of the Scottish Team and Master of Sport ranked athlete agrees with. She said, “[it is] a very community driven sport, it's a very supportive and friendly sport on the whole.”

Johnston was 30 when she first started training with kettlebells and has been hooked ever since. Only three months on after she first started, she was competing in her first competition and three years later she won gold in 24kg snatch category at the IUKL World Cup.

She discussed exactly what it is about the sport that appeals to her, “It might sound strange coming from someone who works in the fitness industry but I have never been one for exercising 'mindlessly', i.e. going to the gym just to get the sets and reps done. To me, the enjoyment lies in learning or practicing skills (before kettlebells I was involved in Martial Arts too) and having goals and targets to work towards.”

If you are looking for a sport that combines strength, stamina, as well as the ability to learn new skills in a friendly and supportive environment, then kettlebells might be the sport for you. The BigKat Fitness and Martial Arts Centre at Hornbeam Park offer weekly kettlebell classes from 6pm-7pm and cost £6. More information can be found here.

Spectators have free entry to the Kettlebell Championships and to compete it costs £20 for each entrant, so why not bob down and watch the world champions in action? More information can be found here

The event is sponsored by local Harrogate business, Pinnacle Data, who are one of Europe’s leading independent stockholders of new and refurbished data centre equipment.



Pinnacle Data Join Forces with US Company, Memory Dogg


We are pleased to announce that, after years of working together, we have officially joined forces with the US Company, Memory Dogg.

Founded in 2001 by David Gralnick, Memory Dogg specialise in memory products that have been recycled from used computers and servers. Originally running the business from David’s garage, over the past 15 years Memory Dogg has expanded and now operates from an impressive 1,219m² (4,000ft²) warehouse.

Memory Dogg is a quality provider of memory and they sell to distributors, manufacturers, resellers, refurbishers and retailers. The products they buy and sell get redistributed either as working modules or as chips on boards that get reused, all tested and certified in accordance with rigorous industry standards.

All scrap memory gets recycled in an environmentally responsible manner by their R2 certified partners (the electronic recycling industry’s leading certification). A highly environmentally friendly business, this is something that chimes well with our own ethos, as we provide quality refurbished data centre equipment that would otherwise be sent to landfill.  

Commenting on this new collaboration, Managing Director of Pinnacle Data, Kevin Towers said, “As well as running their own successful operation under the Memory Dogg brand, Memory Dogg have also done an excellent job of managing our stock and logistics in the USA for some time. And so, following months of discussions about how the businesses can work together more closely, we finally decided on a contract that would help both businesses to grow and provide a better service to customers.”

On behalf of Pinnacle Data, Kevin would like to say a warm welcome to David, Ferd, Matt, CJ, Rigil and Kyle from the Memory Dogg team! 


Pinnacle Data Donate Two Vital Signs Monitors to Harrogate District Hospital


Pinnacle Data, who are independent stockholders of new and refurbished data centre equipment, have donated two state-of-the-art Vital Signs Monitors to the Woodlands Children’s Ward and the Special Care Baby Unit, at Harrogate District Hospital, as part of The Rainbow Fund charity fundraising initiative.

The monitors will help to pick up the heart trace of even the tiniest of patients. This provides the lifesaving support the ward so desperately needs, at a time where cuts to the NHS mean that the Hospital have a limited budget and rely heavily on fundraising from charities such as The Rainbow Fund.

Managing Director of Pinnacle Data, Kevin Towers said, “Our locally based business has been buying and selling new and used IT for over ten years. As the business has grown, we’ve been able to respond to the needs of the community around us and are proud to support local groups and charities."

“We are delighted to be able to contribute two Vital Signs Monitors to the Harrogate District Hospital as part of The Rainbow Fund charity appeal. The charity play a vital role in providing lifesaving and life enhancing services to poorly babies and children of Harrogate, and we are more than happy to support them with this donation. We would like to wish the charity continued success with their future fundraising goals.”  

Rainbow Fund Founder Alexandra Vere said, “On behalf of the Healthcare Team at Harrogate Hospital and The Rainbow Fund, I want to say a massive thank you for the very generous gifts Pinnacle Data have kindly donated to us. The monitors will be used on a daily basis in the Hospital’s very busy departments, helping staff to care for very poorly children and babies.”