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DL580 | G3 G4 & G5

At Pinnacle Data we want to give our customers the best options when it comes to servers. This is why we have a number of fantastic 4U HP DL580 G5, HP DL580 G4 and HP DL580 G3 servers for you to choose from to meet the varying storage, data or performance needs of your workplace. Browse what new, used and refurbished models we have in stock and find the right server for the right price.

If you're considering the HP DL580 G3 server then you can enjoy fast performance from up to four single or dual-core Intel Xeon processors and generous internal storage of up to 1.2TB. The HP DL580 G4 also features the same quality processors and the Intel E8501 chipset, however it offers a maximum of 64GB of memory. Finally, as you would expect the HP DL580 G5 server range boasts six – core Intel Xeon processors and up to 256GB DDR2 memory. Both of which mean you can rely on this server to easily handle even the most demanding of working environments.

You do of course have the option to mix, match and upgrade with these servers thanks to their fantastic expansion capabilities. Plus, they are a smart move financially for businesses because of their energy efficient power supplies. The HP DL580 G5 in particular comes with four Hot Plug Redundant power supplies and six fans as standard – just another reason why Hewlett Packard lead the way in terms of economic computing. Also we can custom build servers specifically to suit your requirements.

When you've found the HP DL580 G5, HP DL580 G4 or HP DL580 G3 server you want, make an enquiry to place an order. Alternatively, if you can't find the specific model you want, then let us know and we'll be happy to build it you.

Displaying: 21 - 22 of 22 items View 200»

Displaying: 21 - 22 of 22 items View 200»